Back in 1935, Ted Usry (pronounced USree), found that buying and selling for a living was very profitable. In the 30's, Usry operated two service stations and a used automobile business. Shortly after World War I, a soldier came into Ted Usry's office and asked if he would be interested in a slightly used mobile home. After some considerable thought, Ted bought the used mobil home and resold it for a profit. Being an entrepreneur, he decided to try it again. Thus began the mobile home business he would run for the next forty-nine years!

Today, Ted's son, Durwood runs the business, which has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Over the years, the company has evolved out of mobile home sales and into a concentration on modular construction.

"...humble beginnings"... dental offices gave rural communities the same dental care as urban and surburban communities...

Whether for office space, retail storefronts, community centers, storage facilities, or any other need, modular construction provides Usry clients with an almost immediate location. In the 1950's and 60's, Usry built, outfitted, and then leased thirty mobile dental offices to health departments throughout the southeast.

The ease and convenience of modular building in rural areas -- where contractors may be in short supply -- is obvious. But Usry has provided the materials and know-how for modular construction projects across a wide spectrum of needs.

Usry has been meeting the needs of major corporation like Virginia Power and Philip Morris as well as municiplities and smaller companies since 1935

A local community college's academic building was destroyed by fire only four weeks before the start of the spring semester. School officials estimated that it would take three months to restore those portions of the building damaged by smoke and water, and considerably longer to replace areas where the damage was more extensive. In less than four weeks Usry stepped in and provided sixteen new mobile units and one reconditioned mobile unit to meet the need for the college's classroom space.

"...task completed in less than one month!"...

...people are surprised when they can lease as well as buy...


Although the price of modular and stick-frame construction can be comparable, the costs associated with lost time, lost and stolen materials, weather delays, and other factors are minimized by modular construction techniques. Because Usry buildings are built in a factory under controlled conditions, the modular building usually arrives on site before the foundation is complete!

Innovative building solutions have been a hallmark of the Usry company for more than 75 years. That spirit of innovation extends to the financial realm as well, with attractive lease and lease-to-own options which allow customers to enjoy the facilities they want, when they need them.

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