Construction OfficeVirtually every major construction project in the U.S. is engineered and directed from what has been called the "nerve center" of the job: the on-site mobile office. Usry, Inc. has a variety of structures to fit any client's needs. The company provides four main types of structures - mobile, modular, panelized, and site built. Special "clean rooms," sophisticated laboratories, hospital training centers, two-story motels, day-care centers, radio stations, banks, and others are operating in Usry modular buildings. From the automobile dealer who needs permanent space for an increased sales staff to the developer who needs temporary space now to market his "coming soon" project, all of them are Usry customers.

Customization... provides comfort and productivity.

Today's mobile/modular offices offer unlimited possibilities for attractive interior and exterior design. Custom interiors make efficient use of every available square foot and include every possible amenity for enhanced comfort and productivity. Buildings may be embellished with porticoes, awnings, entrance facades, and a variety of sidings or surfaces to create a handsome stand-alone building, or a perfectly-matched addition to an existing structure.

Sales OfficeThe efficiency of modular construction helps keep costs down and the bottom line up. The buildings are built in a factory under controlled conditions. There are few weather delays, no material theft, and oftentimes the modular arrives on site before the foundation is complete. This speed opens doors for expanding or new businesses.

The efficiency of modular construction helps keeps costs down and the bottom line up.

Since Modulars are fully relocatable, operating on leased land becomes an innovative, cost efficient alternative. Usry, Inc. serves some 300 different clients who take advantage of the companyıs lease or lease purchase program. Many customers are surprised when they find they can lease our buildings as well as buy them. It becomes much more attractive to them when they find they can design exactly what they want and lease it for extra space or a start up business, and then buy it if the long-term need is there.


Quality delivered...

Country Clubs³The type of structure we provide is based on the customerıs needs. Yet a customer automatically thinks that stick built (brick by brick at the site) buildings are of better quality. We can prove him wrong. Your buildings have to be good quality if youıre driving them down 100 miles of highway at 45 mph,² Durwood Usry, President of Usry, Inc. explained.

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